Spot Repairs With Clean-out Installation

A spot repair is an inexpensive solution when only a small portion of the line needs to be fixed. The sewer line may have a blockage, a break, an off-set, root intrusion or a partial/full collapse. Sewer Lines Only will dig a small trench at the spot of the repair, cut the existing sewer line and replace it with new SDR 35 or schedule 40 PVC. The new line is attached to the existing sewer line using strongback furncos. The new line will be properly bedded and then back filled. If need be, Sewer Lines Only can scope the remainder of the sewer line to check the condition.

If there is not currently an outside clean-out, doing a spot repair is a good opportunity to install new double sweep clean-outs. In fact, most cities require exterior double sweep clean-outs be installed anytime there is a sewer line repair of any kind. The installation of double sweep clean-outs will make is easier to perform maintenance on the sewer line in the future.

Most spot repairs are completed in 1-day and will get your line back up and running!

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