Interior or Basement Sewer Line Repair

Often referred to as cast iron pipe repairs, the crew at Sewer Lines Only specialize in basement cast iron pipe repairs. We know how important it is to protect your home, carpet and flooring from this labor-intensive process. Our crews are trained to protect your home and get the job done quickly so that your sewer service is restored in a timely manner.

Before we begin any work, we cover all areas of your flooring where our crew will be working. We will quarantine the work area with plastic to reduce the dust and debris in the air.

Basics of the process:

  • Protecting the home
  • Jack hammer the concrete floor
  • Remove soil to expose pipe
  • Remove concrete debris and excess dirt
  • Remove cast iron pipe
  • Replace with new PVC pipe
  • Properly bed with ¾ inch crushed granite
  • Replace soil and compact
  • Pour new concrete
  • Replace flooring

We will be sure that your new line will be properly sloped by running a sewer scope down the line to ensure sewage is flowing properly before the line is buried.

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