Advice on hiring a sewer cleaner

Sewer Education - Trenching process and safety

If you are experiencing slow drains or any kind of back-up you usually need to start with a sewer cleaning to clear tree roots or debris causing the back-up. This is the most cost-effective solution, which is why we recommend starting here.

Depending on the severity, offer times a sewer scope camera cannot see the issue until the blockage is cleared.

If the sewer line has grease in it, you will need to have it hydro jetted. This is when a machine blasts high powered water through your line in an effort to clean it.

Make sure you get a fair price:
You can expect to pay between $150-$350 for a sewer cleaning.
You can expect to pay between $400-$600 for hydro jetting.

If having the line cleaned does not fix your issue, give us a call and we can explore your options for doing a sewer line repair or replacement.

If you need a contact for a good sewer cleaner, give us a call us for a trusted referral.